PFLP emphasizes “no confidence” in Arab summit in Mauritania

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The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine affirmed that it has no confidence in the results of the 27th Arab Summit meeting held yesterday in the Mauritanian capital of Nouakchott, in response to the final statement of the summit. This statement was no more than a carbon copy of the resolutions of the Arab summits in recent years and reflects the situation of the Arab League, which long ago lost the Arab peoples’ confidence as a means to seriously express their aspirations.

The Front noted that there is no benefit from Arab conferences or summits if they have lost the central cause and credibility in defending the interests of the Arab nation, and as long as the Arab regimes are in control of the results of these summits, issuing decisions in order to serve the agendas of regimes while feeding the fire of sectarian strife in the region while redirecting the compass away from the central conflict.

The Front considered that the Arab League as it now stands bears little to no resemblance to the original vision of the Egyptian leader Jamal Abdel Nasser, and is fundamentally incapable of addressing the Arab situation or supporting the Palestinian cause and the struggle of our people against the occupation. It views the item on the Palestinian cause as a call to frequent verbal speeches that neither provide nor delay anything and do nothing to contribute to addressing the positions of some Arab states who have participated in the erasure of the Palestinian cause as a primary and central issue on the agenda of Arab summits, placing it instead as a secondary concern.

The Front expressed its rejection of the final statement’s support for French efforts to convene a so-called international peace conference, noting that the French initiative does not provide a minimum of Palestinian rights and seeks to impose an alternate international reference below the level of international law and UN resolutions, which stipulate the rights of our people to return, self-determination, and an independent, sovereign state.

The Front noted with amazement the statement’s words on the importance of joint action and unity of purpose, continuing the continuing and dedicated efforts of some Arab regimes to create a state of instability and threaten any joint Arab front or unity of purpose that is so necessary in order to resist the Zionist enemy and confront its racist and fascist nature and policies.

The Front called upon the Arab peoples, organizations, trade unions, and student movements to develop a popular movement and unity parallel and alternative to these structures that works to re-orient the Arab role toward the Arab issues, particularly the Palestinian cause. The Arab nation is subjected to a state of destruction and plunder 100 years after the Sykes-Picot project of colonial division and the Balfour declaration, calling for the formulation of a popular Arab strategy for confrontation and struggle.



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