China Supports The Establishment Of Independent Palestinian State – Emphasis On Freezing Settlement Building

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Wang YiChinese Foreign Minister declared that the settlement building in the occupied territories must be stopped, while his country supported the establishment of an independent Palestinian state and said: “We should not allow Palestinian issue to be forgotten and marginalized.”

‘Wang Yi’ said this remarks at Paris meeting to try resuming the peace process between the Palestinians and the Zionist regime. ‘Wang’ described that Palestinian problem is a central issue in the Middle East and said that it could not be ignored. He also said that the Paris meeting should become a turning point and a new beginning for the countries of the international community to stabilize the Middle East peace.

Head of China’s diplomacy in the meeting said to the all countries of the world that; Three principles should be seriously actualized, these including to stop the violence, stop settlement building and end the siege of the Gaza Strip by the Zionists.

He added that the international community should make every single effort to advance and contribute to Middle East peace and security.

The Chinese foreign minister also said that his country will never change its position on supporting the establishment of an independent and sovereign State of Palestine and also its support to the ideal-justice for its people.

He said that in order to help the Palestinian people, China will contribute 7 million and 610 thousand dollars to them.

Paris meeting on reconciliation between Israel and Palestine is the first international meeting after year 2007 meeting in “Annapolis” United Stated which ended without result. So far, the previous efforts to encourage Israel and the Palestinians to agree the reconciliation and peace come to nothing.

Intensifying the settlement building in the occupied Palestinian Territory is one of the biggest obstacles to achieving a solution of the conflict to be resolved.

At the Paris meeting, 30 ministers and representatives of Arabic and Western countries such as America, The United Nations and the League of Europe were attended. But the Palestinian authorities and Israel was not invited. The meeting was ended yesterday.



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