PFLP participates in Gaza memorial for assassinated Tunisian engineer Mohammed Zouari

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Comrade Jamil Mizher, member of the Political Bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine said on Monday, December 26 that the crime of the assassination of the martyr Mohammed Zouari, the Tunisian aeronautical engineer, has not and will not pass in vain, emphasizing that the resistance in Gaza will not be suppressed or stopped. Speaking at the memorial for Zouari organized by the Hamas movement in Gaza City, Mizher presented the speech of the national and Islamic forces, saying that “the martyr Zouari will continue to be a source of pride for the Palestinian people, for Tunisia and for the Arab nation.”

He urged national unity and a national resistance strategy for the Palestinian people, and urged the convening of the Palestinian National Council outside occupied Palestine. He also saluted the enormous sacrifices of Arab strugglers toward the Palestinian cause, reflecting the centrality of Palestine to the Arab cause. In this context, Mizher urged confrontation of the mechanisms of normalization through which the Zionist entity is attempting to find a foothold in the Arab region to carry out aggression against the Palestinian people.

He saluted the Palestinian and Tunisian martyrs and Arab martyrs who fought Zionist occupation, and also saluted the Arab prisoners in Israeli and international jails, led by Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, the Lebanese Communist internationalist struggler imprisoned for 32 years in French prisons.



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